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$120,000 USD pair


A new Sonus faber speaker is born, radically renewing and expressing the essence of this esteemed Italian loudspeaker builder.

The precious knowledge gained through the design, development and manufacturing of the limited edition 'The Sonus Faber' speaker has resulted in the new and exciting Aida. This new Sonus faber is a speaker 'as grandiose as a Giuseppe Verdi opera, able to radically renew and at the same time express the unchanging Sonus Faber values. Just as Giuseppe Verdi signaled a turning point in opera combing tradition with innovation in his spectacular opera 'Aida', so too does Sonus faber aim at absolute excellence with this new product.

As always, in this new Sonus faber model, innovation is key. A 'lyre' shape characterizes the 3.5-way floorstanding speaker that, when compared to previous solutions implemented, significantly increases the structural strength and guarantees excellent management of the energy produced inside the speaker. The complex vibration and resonance deadening system implemented eliminates any traces of possible disturbance to the purity of sound. The enclosures internal walls and the external 'wing', both with dual curves in multi-layered cross veined Okoumè wood, are equipped with a decoupling system made up of layers of a viscous insulating material thus implementing the technique of 'constrained layer damping' to the highest level. The Aida's electro-acoustic structure is based upon an anti-vibrational axle made of non-magnetic alloy steel that binds top and bottom of the cabinet's internal cavity. This 'Tuned Mass Damper' when coupled with the 'Stealth Reflex' enclosure design, which reduces low frequency distortion and increases extension, is designed to dissipate any spurious created vibrations to the point of inaudibility. Additionally, the 'Z.V.T' (Zero Vibration Transmission) technique which decouples the speaker from the floor uses a hybrid suspension called 'Bow Spring', that employs a 'crossbow' drawn to flexing point and an elastomer structure with progressive yielding, in order to further reduce spurious resonance and acoustic feedback. The result is a virtually inert structure free from music destroying vibration and resonance.

The Aida drivers are all custom made and purpose built to perform at the highest level of fidelity. Each frequency zone and complimentary drive unit that serves it, high-frequency, midrange, low and infra-bass, have an optimized acoustic environment which allow them to operate to their highest potential. And for truly realistic sound reproduction, Aida boasts the patented 'Sound Field Shaper' that allows for adjustment of the balance between both the direct and indirect projection of sound.

Design and craftsmanship have key roles in Aida. The fluid lines of Aida, tense and harmonic form the 'lyre' shape, ten leaves of overlaid curved Okume dress the cabinet, together with vertical motif leather. Two external wings tighten in an embrace surrounding the central structure of Aida, closed at the base by the 'Bow Spring' crossbow in anodized Avional aluminum, milled from whole pieces and the top sees the use of a mirror in tempered glass, which highlights the timeless beauty of Aida, "proudly hand-crafted in Italy".


3.5-way Floor standing Loudspeaker System employing Sound Field Shaper and "Zero Vibration Transmission" technology. A Para-Aperiodic vented box featuring a "Stealth Reflex System" with staggered low-frequency driver enclosures.

"Lyra shape" design, dual side curvature, special cross-grained Okoumè plywood constructed in a double thickness layer-damped configuration. Sub–structural ribs are strategically placed for total rejection of spurious vibrations and standing wave control. Two "damp-shelves" i.e. CNC machined and anodized Avional "vibration dampers" (on the top and on the bottom of the enclosure) stiffen the column structure consistently reducing structural micro-vibrations coming from the cabinet walls and transducers.

The "Anima Legata" system is used in an innovative way to effectively reduce vibrations. Encompassing the 3 inner chambers of the front-firing drive-units, a special steel rod serves as a high-speed mechanical interface, concentrating the remaining micro-vibrations and delivering them to the dual "Tuned Mass Dampers", differently tuned and optimized to erase micro-vibrations by cancellation through oscillation in the opposite phase.

An all new "Floating Bridge / Bow Spring" (patent pending) suspension is used as the speaker's base in order to decouple the speakers enclosure from the floor through the use of Zero Vibration Transmission technology. The suspension system eliminates any acoustic feedback and also any vibration propagation into the listening room.

Sonus faber "Arrow Point" DAD (Damped Apex Dome) is a synthesis of the classic dome and ring transducer. A Sonus faber designed 1" (29mm) moving coil driver, with Sonus faber's vibration optimized mechanical interface. Its ultra dynamic linearity is created by a new Neodymium motor system implemented with a natural wood acoustic labyrinth as a rear chamber. Additionally, a mechanical anti-resonator specially designed for this application reduces unwanted resonance even further. In order to perfectly match the loudspeakers high-frequency performance to different listening rooms and different tastes, it is possible to adjust the output (SPL) of the tweeter.

The midrange driver is a Sonus faber designed 7" (180mm) ultra-dynamic linearity midrange with a neodymium magnet system. CCAW wire is used on a composite former with an "eddy current free" voice coil. The dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporates triple Kellog/Goeller rings. A special custom made diaphragm is manufactured with an air-dried, non-pressed blend of traditional cellulose pulp, kapok, kenaf and other natural fibers. Developed and chosen according to the most natural sound. To further inhibit any residual cone coloration, a transparent viscous surface damping coating is applied to the cone.

The basket is thoroughly optimized to eliminate any resonance, thanks to a high-tech dual metal (Avional and Gunmetal) material CNC machined from solid billets. The combination of these two different materials, Avional and Gunmetal, eliminates any mutual resonance within the drive unit.

Using the same techniques as the tweeter, the midrange is decoupled from the main baffle board and designed synergistically within its own optimized "acoustic chamber". A special coaxial "anti-compressor" is used, that is designed to remove any remaining cavity resonances and distortions.

A pair of Sonus faber designed 8.75" (220mm) woofers employ lightweight "sandwich" cones made from the high-tech blending of a synthetic foam core and surface skins embedded with coated cellulose pulp. These drive units reside in an acoustically amorphous "Stealth Reflex" chamber for optimized performance. Designed to blend perfectly with the midrange and, at the same time, to have absolute definition in their range, these woofers have the same sonic character of the midrange cone. A long-throw motor system with a 2" diameter controlled "eddy current" voice coil is implemented for high speed, performance and linearity. Like the midrange driver, a special coaxial anti-compressor is designed to remove any remaining cavity resonance and distortions.

Infra woofer
Sonus faber designed a (320mm) infra woofer, lightweight honeycomb composite sandwich cone structure with Nanocarbon technology for a maximum rigidity and implemented it in an acoustically amorphous "stealth reflex" chamber. The unit features a very powerful long throw motor with a 3" voice coil for ultra dynamic linearity. To perfectly match the low-end performance to different listening rooms it is possible to adapt the SPL of the infra woofer.

Sound Field Shafer
The patented Sound Field Shaper allows the control of the direct/reverberant radiation ratio of the Aida. The Sound Field Shaper module can be SPL optimized.

Sound Field Shafer tweeter
1" (29mm) ultra-dynamic linearity neodymium dome driver. Optimized for off-axis radiation in this special application.

Sound Field Shafer midrange
4.75" (120mm), paper pulp / natural fiber blend cone driver for maximum coherence with the front midrange output.


Non-resonant design with optimized amplitude and phase response for excellent space / time performance. "Para-cross Topology" on the tweeter hi-pass keeps the impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a friendly amplifier load. Triple- staggered transfer function and low frequency / room interface optimized filter ensures smooth driver transitions. Highest quality components throughout including Mundorf "Supreme" Silver / Gold / Oil capacitors and Jantzen inductors. The crossover points are: 55Hz, 180Hz, 250Hz and 3kHz.

Frequency Response:

20Hz – 35kHz, Stealth reflex included

92db SPL (2.83V/1 m)

Nominal Impedance:
4 ohms

Power Handling:
100W – 1KW, without clipping

Speaker Dimensions (HWD):
68 x 19 x 30.75 in. (1725 x 482 x 780 mm)

Speaker Weight:
728 lbs. (330 Kg) per pair - net weight.
1,213 lbs. (550 Kg) per pair - shipping weight.

Red or Walnut.